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Iain Maitland

Programmer in Detroit.

Photography for: National Geographic, Vice, Viceland, 538/ESPN, BBC, MetroTimes and Mother Jones.

Films at: NoBudge.com and Festival du cinéma de Brive.

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street night detroit

Hacked Street Crossing.

dps school closures devos oakman detroit

Tylyia Moore outside her local dps school, Oakman Elementary.

dog skulls detroit

All the dead dogs I have found in Detroit.

inkster detroit

Some kids in Inkster.

fire detroit renaissance center

A housefire in South West Detroit seen from the Renaissance Center.

shadow detroit

J on top of a building.

belle isle dead swan detroit

Ant with a Dead Swan on Belle Isle.

National Theater Detroit Downtown

National Theater, Downtown Detroit.

scrapyard detroit

A scrap yard.

shaved head

After getting head shaved, Detroit.


Horse at night.

chinese restauraunt

Old Chinese restaurant.

Lorcin 9mm Detroit

A Lorcin 9mm pistol found in the trash.

motel woodward trans

Ashley waiting for Johns outside the Fontaine Motel on Woodward.

motel woodward trans

Ashley with a John at the Motel on Woodward.

voguing detroit trans

Ashley in the street.

marijuana detroit

A marijuna plant found in a vacant lot.


Leaning over on a roof.

abandoned school detroit

An abandoned school.

house forclosure detroit

Kid in a foreclosed house, 2016.

house forclosure detroit

Mother and daughter in a foreclosed house, 2016.


Kid in a hoodie and some graffiti.

gratiot detroit breakdown

Run out of gas on Gratiot.


S, Leaning over the edge.